Barton 450C Indicator and Model 316C

Barton® Instruments Model 450C Indicator

Employed by the U.S. Navy, the Barton® Model 450C Indicator determines flow, liquid level and DP and is also used to detect low DP in elevated static pressure applications. It exhibits a compact 4-1/2 inch dial with an aluminum (NEMA 4) or 316SST (NEMA 4X) case, designed to withstand the elements. A commercial version of the M316C, the M450C features an easy-to-read indicating pointer that travels a 270° arc and is activated by a 224C DPU indicating mechanism.

A precision, jeweled rotary movement utilizing a thermally stable Ni-Span-C hair spring controls the indicating pointer. Range modifications can be made using the micrometer screw. Linearity modifications require the scaleplate to be removed for access, while zero and range modifications can be achieved with the scaleplate and pointer in place.


For DP or level measurements, the 4-1/2 inch diameter scale can be standardized in uniform increments. For direct assessments of flow rate, square root gradations are offered, with specialized scales available for determining liquid level in tanks.

Barton® Instruments Model 316C 4.5-inch DP Indicator

Engineered to align with MIL-S-901C Shock Grade A and MIL-STD-167 Vibration criteria, the Barton® Model 316C 4.5-inch DP Indicator is a distinctive version of the M450C. The U.S. Navy commonly uses this device to determine DP, flow and liquid level for on-board installations.

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