Fisher 330SA High-Performance Electric Actuator

Durable and dependable, the Type 330SA High-Performance Electric Actuator transforms rotary torque into linear thrust with its brushless servo motor, incorporated with an inverted roller screw. Its actuation system is a step up from standard electric actuator technologies, as it offers the following:

  • Spring-fail capability

  • Long cycle life

  • Sliding-stem or rotary-shaft applications

  • Third party certification

  • Enhanced precision

  • High speed

  • Greater thrust force

  • Long stroke capability

The Type 330SA High-Performance Electric Actuator can handle a broad spectrum of arduous process control applications and performs in union with a programmable, microprocessor-based servo drive. Engineered to run brushless DC servo motors, the servo drive gives control to the servo motor and is adjustable per operational needs.

The actuator and servo drive, in combination, create a configurable, high-performing actuation system, ideal for sliding-stem or rotary-shaft applications.

Fisher Controls can program the servo drive to your specifications when afforded the applicable performance details, such as stroke length, frequency response and speed. System-supplied software provides for adjustments to the servo drive programming in the event of a change in your service needs.

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