Fisher 350 Series Electrohydraulic Actuators

Featuring a self-contained design, 350 Series Electrohydraulic Actuators can achieve up to 22240 N (5000 pounds) of thrust or 794 Nm (7031 inch-pounds) of torque to meet the demands of large valves. These devices utilize a dc milliampere signal to run an assortment of sliding-stem or rotary valves for proportional or two-position control.

All of these actuators’ hydraulic and electrical elements are located inside the case, eliminating the need for external piping and limiting field connections to a control signal and a power line. As single assembly devices, they offer hassle-free removal and replacement of the motor, coil and pump. This helps reduce downtime. Access to zero and span adjustments is easily achieved by removing the cover.

350 Series Electrohydraulic Actuators are capable of operating where electric power is the only option or wherever a fully-electric system requires precise, consistent valve control. For hazardous environment applications, however, the device must be fortified with an inherently safe control circuit. Inherently safe applications necessitate the inclusion of an explosion-proof motor as well. (No hazardous environment rating is given for actuators separately employing either an inherently safe control circuit or an explosion-proof motor.)

350 Series actuators can be used for a multitude of different applications and feature the following offerings and options within the product line:

  • Stem connections

  • Failure modes

  • Yoke boss sizes

  • Thrusts and torques

  • Side-mounted handwheels

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