Rosemount 5708 Series 3D Solids Scanner

The Rosemount™ 5708 Series 3D Solids Scanner has a 2.3 to 7 kHz emanating frequency and 4–20 mA and RS-485 signal output with Modbus®. Employing a many-point measurement technology, it provides acutely precise volume and level measurement of bulk solids and powders – no matter the product characteristics, material type, storage silo type, size or austerity of the storage environment. The scanner’s casing is comprised of polyurethane-covered aluminum and its dead band is 19.6 in (0.5 m) from the top of its antennas.

The 5708 demonstrates a measurement scope of up to 230 ft (70 m) and a minimum bulk density of 12.5 lb/ft3 (200 kg/m3). It features a process fitting thread and angle adapter. Models 5708L, 5708V, and 5708S facilitate efficient process measurement and real inventory handling of bulk solid materials needed for industrial uses, contained in the following:

  • Warehouses and stockpiles

  • Big open bins

  • Storage rooms

  • Piles that arbitrarily form over time within silos

The scanner’s pivotal array of three antennas transmit special low frequency acoustic waves that penetrate dust and pick up echoes from the contained materials, while enabling measurement of the direction and time/distance of each echo. Gathering numerous echoes that vary by distance and direction allows the 5708 to determine the volume of material present. Doing so also allows the 3DVision software to create a 3D visualization of the material.

Even in severely dusty environments, this scanner’s self-cleaning proficiencies and its transmission of acoustic waves inhibit material from sticking to the internal elements of the antenna array. This provides for dependable operation and limited maintenance over time.

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