Taylor 578T, 579T Electronic Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter

Demonstrating precision, temperature and pressure steadiness that surpass the competition, the 578T, 579T Remote Sanitary or Aseptic Seal Element Electronic Liquid Level Transmitter achieves ±0.2% of span accuracy with spans from 25 to 800 inches H2O. This device features a fully-welded, remote seal construction in addition to a ceramic capacitance sensor and a special thick-film hybrid circuit that is hermetically sealed. Model 578T, 579T’s outstanding performance and consistency is due to each hybrid circuit having been intricately laser-trimmed to match the performance traits of the sensor.

This two-wire, 24V dc transmitter functions at Full Vacuum and can service either open or closed tanks. It transmits a 4 to 20 mA dc output signal linear to the input pressure and includes a 7-year warranty.

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