Haygor now offers top-of-the-line pressure and electro-chemical transmitters from ABB. These include compact absolute pressure transmitters in the 261AS, AC, AG, AJ, AM, AN, and AR ranges. Front-bonded diaphragms make these compatible with many variants, fill fluids, and wetted materials. Corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel allows these transmitters to be used in many different processes and conditions. Featuring a 4-20 mA, HART output signal, the units also have 6-3,000 kPa abs at a base accuracy of +/-0.1%.

Hard to find transmitters 264AS, NS, VS, NC, ND, NP, NG have a base accuracy of +/-0.075% and multiple protocol availability. Integration with HART, PROFIBUS PA, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms is possible. Haygor is also offering the 265AS, AC, AG, AJ, AM, AN, AR, and VS transmitters with +/-.04% base accuracy and multiple protocol support for interchangeability. The 364AS, a transmitter with a long-term stability of 0.25% for 10 years, is available and offers a stainless steel, one-piece body design. This compact unit is suited for use in hazardous areas.


Units in the 264BS, DC, DD, DF, DG, DH, DR, and DS series are available in the Haygor catalog, while you’ll also find 265DC, DR, and DS devices. The 265DC, a direct mount transmitter, works with critical process media under a wide temperature range, while the DS model has a working pressure of up to 41Mpa, 5945psi. We are also offering pressure transmitters in the 364DD, DR, and DS series – the DS model provides a 0.15% stability over 10 years, with bi-directional flow, a smart drain/vent design, and suitability for small spaces.


Durable transmitters 261GC, GG, GJ, GM, GN, GR, and GS feature a 316 stainless steel design, corrosion resistance, and zero and span adjustments even without the built-in display. Haygor is also providing convenient availability of 264HC, HD, HF, HG, HP, HR, HS, GS, PF, PR, and PS sensors and those in the 265GC, GG, GJ, GM, GN, GR, and GS series. The 364DD, GS, PR, and PS units feature +/-0.06% accuracy and 0.15% stability for 10 years.


AX400 Four Wire Conductivity Transmitter – Allows accurate conductivity or resistivity measurements in process monitoring and control applications. It’s designed to be used with ABB’s two-electrode conductivity cells, featuring 2-4 current outputs and 3-5 relay contacts.

TB82EC Two Wire Conductivity Transmitter – This intrinsically safe, panel-mount, four-electrode conductivity transmitter is wall and pipe mountable. It supports digital communications and local/remote diagnostic alarming.