The Gold Standard in Industrial Repairs since 1981

At Haygor, we aren’t just another repair shop; we're your trusted partner in ensuring your industrial instruments remain in optimal condition. Our leadership in the industrial repair sector is driven by three cornerstone principles:

  • Expertise – Our seasoned team, with over half a century of collective experience, holds multiple certifications and is authorized to handle most major brands.
  • Value – We champion smart spending. Often, our remanufactured components come at a fraction of the cost of new purchases. Plus, our tailor-made items ensure you don’t have to compromise on fit or function.
  • Customer-Centric Approach – We pride ourselves on being attuned to the unique requirements of our clients. With deep insights into diverse industrial sectors, including the petrochemical industry, we’re adept at ensuring each solution fits seamlessly into your operations.

Why Repairs?

When a component breaks down, many people simply buy a new one. This is usually a mistake. Sourcing a new component can take a lot of time and be needlessly expensive. Repairs have many advantages over buying new.

  • Cost savings compared to new purchases.
  • Seamless integration, as the repaired components have already been matched and calibrated to your systems.
  • Typically, a quicker turnaround than sourcing and acquiring new parts.

Types of Repairs

If it’s used in an industrial setting, we can repair it. Once repaired, our remanufactured instruments are in like-new condition. We able to properly calibrate each instrument as applicable and can also provide calibration documentation.

Here are the most common categories of equipment repair we handle on a daily basis:

Chart Recorders

These devices record electrical or mechanical inputs. We repair all types of chart recorders including strip-type, circular and paperless.


If a controller stops working, your ability to run an entire system can be compromised. We’re able to repair both pneumatic and electronic process controllers quickly and accurately.


Your ability to obtain accurate measurements depends on properly working gauges. We repair – and properly calibrate – differential pressure gauges, flow rate gauges, liquid level gauges and more.

Honeywell DCS

Distributed Control Systems are the key to running any large-scale industrial operation. They’re also expensive and extremely complicated. But we’re certified experts in DCS repair. We’ll have your system up and running quickly. When possible, we even provide on-site repairs.

Industrial Electronics

We repair basically any type of industrial electronic components including circuit boards, power supplies, assemblies, controllers, PLCS and more. We’re familiar with most major brands including Honeywell, Foxboro, Barton and more.

Electronic Transmitters

Electronic transmitters are fast and efficient, but their complicated nature can lead to malfunction. We’re experts in the repair of all types including pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, electronic-to-pneumatic converters and more.

Pneumatic Transmitters

Our pneumatic transmitter repair services cover most major brands including Foxboro, Rosemount, Honeywell, Yokogawa and more. We can repair pneumatic transmitters which measure flow, pressure, liquid level or basically anything else.

Valve Actuators

Without valves, your entire production ability can be compromised. We offer complete or partial actuator repair; valve actuator maintenance; gearbox maintenance and repair; emergency value sealing and more.

Differential Gauge Repair

While Barton is the most popular brand of differential gauge, we also service Meriam, Wika and more. Each repaired gauge is calibrated to certified N.I.S.T. levels. We service both standard differential gauges and gauges with a differential pressure switch on the dial.

Filled System Repair

Our filled system repair services include pressure transmitters, level transmitters, pressure switches, level switches and more. Also, in many cases we’re able to build custom seals and capillaries.

Customer-Focused Repair Process

Even within the same industry, every customer’s needs are different. We offer a five-step repair solution:

  1. Diagnostics – We’ll evaluate the damaged part completely. We also want to thoroughly understand how you use the part and what other components the part interacts with.
  2. Customer Sign-Off – Before we begin repairs, we’ll give you a complete explanation as to what’s wrong with the component and what we think the best course of action is. We’ll tell you the price, estimated delivery time and answer any other questions. We never start work until you give the okay.
  3. Repair – Once we start the repairs, your component will never leave the bench until we’re finished. Each remanufactured item is covered with our exclusive powder coating which adds a layer of additional durability.
  4. Test – Each item is thoroughly tested for quality and then calibrated to meet industry-standard specifications. Our technicians are certified in a wide variety of industry standards.
  5. Ship – If the item isn’t repaired on-site, we’ll ship it back to you using our secure shipping methods. Your items will arrive quickly and in perfect working order. We can even help with installation over the phone or by email.

Experts You Can Count On

We’re located in Houston, Texas, right in the heart of the petrochemical industry. While we have decades of experience in the petrochemical industry, this experience also carries over to most major industrial-level repairs. If you need diagnostic services, remanufactured parts, custom parts or any other type of industrial help or maintenance, please contact us today.