CNC Machining

Haygor works with state of the art equipment, and in turn one of our services is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining. This process uses computers to control machine tools like lathes, mills, routers and grinders.

CNC Machining Process

While it appears our standard computers control our machinery, it’s actually the unique software and the computer’s control console that make the CNC machining possible. With CNC Machining, mechanical tools work through numerical control. Computer programs are customized for an object and machines are programmed with CNC machining language that control features such as feed rate, coordination, location and speeds.

Some of the metals that CNC machining can handle include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, steel, brass, titanium, sterling silver and bronze. The process can also work with hard plastics and other materials like nylon, fiberglass, carbon fiber and acetal.

CNC Machining Services and Manufacturing

What does this mean for you? Well for starters the work we can do you whether it be repairs, calibration and certification of instrument types, remanufacturing instruments or cleaning for critical service can be done more efficiently, meaning your equipment gets back to you faster.

The process under CNC machining can be repeated in the same fashion precisely. Plus, the CNC machining process can create shapes that would be nearly impossible with a manual machine. This opens up a lot more possibilities for you depending on the service you’re looking for.

CNC machining is also more cost effective for short runs, which is always good news for the bottom line. Costs can be reduced by limiting the amount of leftover materials, complexity and making shapes that are easy to get a hold of. Smooth finishes are a possibility and two and three-dimensional shapes can be more easy achieved since the machine can rotate cutting tools and reach the material that needs to be removed.

CNC Machining Companies

Haygor has been serving the Petrochemical industry for more than 30 years now. Our technicians and managers comprise more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide variety of industrial instruments and associated hardware ranging from legacy products to the latest and greatest technology. All of our equipment is state of the art and we use an exclusive powder coating process that will give the equipment we remanufacture not only a durable, but attractive finish.

The point is we know this industry forwards and backwards and we’re prepared to offer you the same, outstanding critical cleaning service we’ve been giving our customers for over three decades.