Cleaning for Ethylene Oxide Service

Equipment that can’t support standard high temperature steam sterilization like medical and pharmaceutical products needs a special cleaning process—Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilization.

Haygor is capable of EtO for such products like these that may have electronic components or plastic packaging or plastic containers. To accomplish this process, EtO gas will infiltrate packages and the products themselves to destroy any microorganisms that may have been left inside during production or packaging. The gas combined with air that has a ratio of at least 3% EtO gas will develop an explosive mixture.

Process for Cleaning for Ethylene Oxide Service

We accomplish EtO in three different stages: Pre-conditioning, Sterilizer and Degasser. The pre-conditioning phase is imperative for the equipment to go through as it gives microorganisms time to grow. The batch load sits for a certain amount of time in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

The Sterilization phase is much more involved. The aforementioned batch load will through a long sterilization cycle in a system that must have accurate temperature control, accurate pressure and vacuum control, dedicated customer recipes and more. Equipment that goes through the EtO Sterilization will experience a general cell temperature check, initial vacuum phase, leak rate test, first and second flush, Dynamic Environmental Conditioning (DEC), EtO gas injection, sterilization dwell time period under EtO, post dwell vacuum level and a first wash.

We’ll make sure your products don’t contain any EtO before they’re returned to you during the Degasser phase by putting the load in a temperature-controlled environment.

Finally, products need to go through a degassing phase to remove any particle of EtO. The batch load goes over a dwell time under a temperature-controlled environment.

Cleaning for Ethylene Oxide Service Professionals

We understand that this is an extensive, complex process, which is why Haygor is perfect for the job. We have more than three decades worth of Petrochemical industry service experience and our team members bring more than half a century of experience to the table. There’s a reason equipment like this must go through a special cleaning; trust the EtO Sanitation of your medical equipment with Haygor.

We not only bring a wealth of experience and long history of satisfied customers to the job, but also state of the art equipment. Our coating process gives remanufactured equipment a durable, attractive finish.

The point is we know this industry forwards and backwards and we’re prepared to offer you the same, outstanding critical cleaning service we’ve been giving our customers for over three decades.