Gauge Repair

No matter what you use a differential gauge for, you want it working properly. When a gauge breaks, conventional wisdom might suggest that buying a replacement gauge is the best option. But replacement gauges are expensive and not guaranteed to work within your existing systems.

Replacement vs. Repairs: Which is the Better Option?

Usually, repairing a broken gauge is better than buying a new one. A remanufactured part is cheaper, guaranteed to work with your existing systems and usually has the fastest possible turnaround time.

At Haygor, we repair all types of differential gauges to like-new condition.

The Best Choice in “Like-New” Differential Gauges

Most of our remanufactured parts will be in your hands in less than two weeks. Additionally, all of our like-new parts are covered with our unique powdered coating. This gives the unit a layer of durability which will protect it for years into the future.

We service practically any type of differential gauge including:

  • Standard gauges with varying pressure range capabilities
  • Gauges with a differential pressure switch on the dial

While Barton is one of the most popular brands, we also service most other major brands including Meriam, Wika and others.

Trusted Experts. Accurate Results.

Our team of certified experts is able to calibrate each gauge to certified N.I.S.T. levels. The like-new gauge will be fully calibrated and temperature compensated in order to achieve the highest accuracy and resolution.

Since 1981, Haygor Instrument & Company, Inc. have provided like-new refurbishments for practically all types of equipment related to the petrochemical industry and similar large industries. All of our remanufactured units have a failure rate of less than 1%. In many cases, your repaired part will perform more efficiently than it has in years!

No matter how badly damaged your differential gauge may be, we can help. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a repair.