Haygor Instrument & Company, Inc. has more than 35 years of experience serving some of the most demanding industries. Its process instrumentation specialty spans oil & gas, petro-chemical, medical, and cryogenic industries, with new and remanufactured products sold. The company is also a leader in repair services. It can repair process instrumentation, transmitters, controllers, gauges, and a wide range of electronic components and systems.

An NIST Traceable Calibration Lab is employed to provide the most reliable calibration services in the industry. Leading experts can service pressure and temperature instruments, test equipment, data loggers, recorders, and more. Pressures up to 40,000 psi are supported.

In addition, Haygor offers an array of cleaning/degreasing and machining/welding services. It has a fully equipped machine shop and welding shop. Its unparalled experience in diaphragm seals incorporates manufacturing of remote seals and threaded, sanitary, and pulp and paper seals. It can produce customer specific designs and repair all diaphragm brands.

A focus on affordability, customer support, and knowledge are our leading strengths. Haygor has enhanced the availability of leading industrial process equipment such as chart recorders, controllers, and data acquisition systems. From gauges to diaphragm seals and capillaries and beyond, it provides the latest state-of-the-art devices.

Re-manufactured parts are available too. Engineers are able to replace, repair, or clean individual components. Reassembled products are thoroughly inspected, giving the customer a reliable fix that also costs less than a new acquisition.

Integrity, quality, and honesty have kept Haygor in business since 1981. Products from industry-leading, world-renowned brands have as well. From ABB to Yokogawa, the best in process control and automation is provided. You’ll also find brands such as Rosemount, Fisher, Taylor, U.S. Gauge, Micro Motion, Siemens, Barton, and others.

Here is a more in-depth overview of some of the major brands found in our diverse and functional catalog.


Absolute, differential, and gauge plus electro-chemical pressure transmitters are available from this global leader in the automation industry. These help improve efficiency and productivity while lasting long in hazardous, highly-corrosive environments. Haygor is offering the newest and hardest to find models. Outstanding features include 316 stainless steel, support for multiple communication protocols, and a high level of accuracy. Transmitters suited for a wide range of media offer extreme accuracy and measurement capabilities in process monitoring and control environments. All of these systems are proven for their long term stability and durability.


Ashcroft’s process, industrial, differential, sanitary, test, and commercial/industrial gauges are highly accurate and versatile. There are gauges for just about every application. You’ll find a vast diversity of measurement units in our online catalog. You can depend on these because Ashcroft has more than 160 years of experience while its products are used by commercial and industrial operations in 55 countries worldwide. Haygor is also offering a wide range of pressure transducers and transmitters, pressure switches, temperature switches, and panel meters among many other high-quality instruments.


Ruggedized instruments for measuring and recording pressure, flow rate, liquid level, and more are available from this dependable brand, descended from the developer of the first blowout preventer. This product range of differential pressure units, indicators, testers, and chart recorders/controllers/transmitters is ideal for the oil and gas industry.


Foxboro process instrumentation is engineered to work in the harshest of industrial environments. Controllers/recorders, positioners, electrochemical analyzers, and flow and chemical transmitters can operate in places you need an intrinsically safe, perhaps explosion-proof device that can provide accurate measurements. With the Foxboro brand, you have the dependability of Invensys devices on your side.


A leader in automation and control innovation, Honeywell has contributed to the many technological advancements we depend upon today. From furnace regulators to thermostats to process equipment, it has had a profound impact on global technology and industry. Our product line includes leading absolute, differential, and gauge pressure transmitters in addition to high-accuracy chart recorders and distributed control systems.


Rosemount’s pressure and temperature instruments are quite familiar in the process industry. More than 10 million pressure measurement and transmitting devices in this range have been installed worldwide. Temperature transmitters, sensors, and thermowells represent a diversified catalog of dependable products with industry leading accuracy, versatility, and durability.


Taylor’s electronic and pneumatic transmitters carry the quality and reliability of all products from this leading brand. Established in 1851, Taylor moved from weather to process instrumentation in the early 1900s. It merged with Combustion Engineering in 1983. That company later merged with ABB so Taylor is an integral part of one of the world’s largest industrial equipment conglomerates


A leading industrial automation and test and measurement product developer, Yokogawa has a proven track record in operational excellence and safety. Advanced instrumentation includes temperature, pressure, and level transmitters; paperless recorders; and legacy controllers. Our catalog features some of the best instruments from this world-renowned brand.