Cleaning for Nitrogen Service

Haygor can clean any number of fittings, transmitters, gauges, flowmeters, flowtubes, and manifolds along with hoses and tubing for critical service, mainly oxygen, chlorine and also nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen is a surefire way to help remove tough deposits safely and quickly while also avoiding secondary waste streams and cross-contamination. Cleaning with nitrogen leaves nothing behind unlike water, which also means there is no drying time required after a cleaning so the equipment is ready to be returned to service right away.

You know this, which is why you’re using nitrogen for your cleaning service. Haygor is here to help you keep your equipment clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice. We’re not talking about just on the surface cleaning either. We’ll take all of the assemblies apart and only clean the parts that are compatible with our cleaning agents. Anything else will be kept separate.


We’ll pre-clean everything either by grinding, using a wire brush, swab or do a blast cleaning. Sometimes, we’ll do combination of them all. Afterwards, we’ll use EnSolv® for the main cleaning and let everything dry (we’ll blow dry the parts with nitrogen if necessary) before sending all of the cleaned parts through inspection.

Our post-cleaning inspection process is two-fold: we’ll first take each part and place in under a strong, white light to check for moisture, oils, grease and lint. If none of these are spotted, we’ll move the parts to an ultraviolet light inspection to make sure there are no blotches, blots, smears, film, etc. present. We’ll re-clean any parts that don’t pass this inspection.

Once everything is passed through inspection, we’ll label the parts, “Cleaned for Nitrogen Service” before we bag and seal them. Any parts that had to be taken part will be reassembled, tested and calibrated.


We want you to have peace of mind knowing that your nitrogen service equipment is cleaned properly.

We understand how critical it is for oxygen service valves, instruments and other components to be cleaned properly. We’re confident we can provide that peace of mind as we’ve been servicing the Petrochemical industry for more than three decades. Our leadership teams have been working in this field for 50 years and have a longstanding knowledge of and experience with all products, from legacy products to the latest and greatest. We also use state of the art equipment.

Your nitrogen cleaning equipment is important to you. Your satisfaction is important to us. Put your trust in Haygor today.