Valve and Valve Actuator Parts

At Haygor, we’re well-known for a number of things.

Like our longevity, for example: we were founded in 1979 and have now been serving the Petrochemical for more than three decades. Since then, we’ve provided a number of services like repairs (gauges, transmitters, capillary systems, valve positioners, industrial power supplies), calibration and certification of a wide variety of instruments and cleaning for critical (oxygen, chlorine and nitrogen).

Custom Valve & Valve Actuator Parts

What may not be as well known is we also produce custom valve and valve actuator parts. The parts can be used in a number of functions including thrust reverser valves, fueling systems, nose steering systems, hydraulic fluid power equipment and more.

We have a number of different valves on hand: relief, sequence, pressure operated along with flow regulator, solenoid and hydraulic. They’ve been crafted with high quality steel, stainless steel with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining, welding methods and grinding.

Custom Made Valve Actuator Part Companies

We could write out a laundry list of reasons why Haygor is where you should go for your custom valves, but that’s not necessary. You only have to long at our longstanding track record of providing outstanding service for our customers for three decades. We thoroughly inspect every part before it leaves our building, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve ordered a high-functioning product.

Did we mention our experienced staff? Our technicians and managers comprise more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide variety of industrial instruments and associated hardware ranging from legacy products to the latest and greatest technology. We produce everything with state of the art of equipment and we use an exclusive powder coating process that will give the equipment we remanufacture not only a durable, but attractive finish.

The point is we know this industry forwards and backwards from cleaning parts to repairing them to yes, custom valves. We’re here to say that we are prepared to provide you with the same, outstanding service and part production we’ve been giving all of our customers since we first opened our doors in 1979 and we will continue to do so.