Cleaning for Chlorine Service

We understand how critical it is for oxygen service valves, instruments and other components to be cleaned properly. That is why Haygor makes sure every piece of equipment that comes to us to be cleaned for chlorine service is not only cleaned thoroughly, but also double-checked afterwards.

Download – Chlorine Service Cleaning, Inspection, And Packaging Procedure

Chlorine Cleaning Service Process

Haygor cleans all kinds of manifolds, valves, flowmeters, fittings transmitters, gauges and other instruments for chlorine service applications.

We’ll take part all assemblies and look for any parts that aren’t compatible with our cleaning agents. Those will be removed or isolated from the rest of the parts. To pre-clean the compatible parts, we’ll either grind, wire brush, do a blast cleaning, swabbing or all of the above. After processing, each part is cleaned with EnSolv® and given time to dry, with dry nitrogen if needed, before it’s inspected.

Chlorine Cleaning Post Wash

We clean all of your equipment thoroughly, but our post-wash inspection ensures it. Each part is visually inspected under a strong white light to check for large quantities of moisture, oils, grease and lint fibers. If they make it through this inspection, they’ll move along to an ultraviolet (blacklight) inspection in a clean, dark area that’s dust and oil mist free. This exam lets us know if any parts are contaminated with blotches, blots, smears or film. Any parts that don’t pass the blacklight inspection must be re-cleaned.

Unless specified otherwise Fluorolube GR290 will be used as lubricant if necessary.

We’ll label all parts that pass inspection as “Cleaned for Chlorine Service”, bag and seal them up. Anything that was part of an assembly will be reassembled and we will test and calibrate it to make sure everything’s in working order. Assemblies that have taken place after testing are flushed with EnSolv priort to being dried with oil-free air or nitrogen. Flushing fluid is also inspected by comparison with clean fluid; if it’s not cleaned properly, the assembly will be re-cleaned.

Cleaning for Chlorine Service Experts

It’s our mission to make sure everything that comes through Haygor’s doors is in better condition than when you brought it to us.

Haygor has been serving the Petrochemical industry for more than 30 years now. Our technicians and managers comprise more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide variety of industrial instruments and associated hardware ranging from legacy products to the latest and greatest technology. All of our equipment is state of the art and we use an exclusive powder coating process that will give the equipment we remanufacture not only a durable, but attractive finish.

The point is we know this industry forwards and backwards and we’re prepared to offer you the same, outstanding critical cleaning service we’ve been giving our customers for over three decades.