Large-scale industrial operations have any number of electronic components – and each one is an important part of the overall system. When an electronic component fails, production and even safety can be compromised. At Haygor, we provide repair solutions for practically any type of industrial electronic device.

We repair to component level:

  • Industrial electronics modules
  • Circuit boards
  • Assemblies
  • Power supplies
  • Light curtains
  • Servo motors
  • Controllers
  • Scanners
  • Meters
  • Flow controls
  • and more

We’re certified repair experts with most major brands including Barton, Koyo, Honeywell, Foxboro and more. Have an outdated electronic device? We’re often able to provide custom repairs for hard-to-source components. There’s no repair issue we’re not willing to tackle – no matter how complicated or obscure.

Industrial Electronic Repairs for Any Location

Most repairs can be completed in about two weeks. If you’re located within the Houston area, our team can conduct repairs right on-site – which can drastically reduce repair time. In some cases we can even offer same-day repair.

If you’re located outside the Houston area, you can still take advantage of our low-cost, effective repair solutions. Simply mail your broken components to us and we’ll do the rest. We’ll diagnose the problem and then contact you with a price quote before starting any repairs. When repairs are completed, we use secure shipping methods. Your product will arrive safely and ready-to-use. We can even help you with installation over the phone or via email.

Why Repair Instead of Replace?

The short answer is: Repairs are cheaper and easier. In many cases, we can remanufacture your damaged component and have it shipped back to you in about two weeks. Your like-new part will be ready to use right out of the package. We even add an extra layer of durability by spraying every remanufactured part with our special powder coating.

Our Technicians Make the Difference

We’re located right in the heart of the petrochemical industry, but our expertise extends to all types of industrial electronics. With over half a century of combined experience, our team will remanufacture your damaged electronics and have them working in like-new condition. And repairs will be quicker and less expensive then you probably expect.

Customer service is always our number one focus. We treat every repair like the individual case it is. The specific needs of your industry are always considered when we recommend a course of action. If you have a damaged electronic component and need advice on how to proceed, contact us today.