A filled system is used to transfer corrosive, viscous process fluids or gases throughout a large industrial area like a petrochemical plant or similar. If there’s a problem with a filled system, production quality can suffer. Even worse, a malfunctioning filled seal system can pose substantial dangers to equipment and even workers.

At Haygor, we repair and service all types of filled capillary/remote seal systems for a variety of systenss including:

  • Pressure transmitters
  • Level transmitters
  • Pressure switches
  • Level switches
  • Pressure gauges
  • Process controllers
  • Chart recorders


A filled system isn’t just one piece of equipment. So buying a new part can be a needless hassle. New parts might not fit into your existing system correctly. Plus, new parts are usually pretty expensive. Ordering can also take a long time.

Most customers will be better served by repair instead of replacement. Repairs can usually be completed faster than replacement parts can be ordered. Also, a repaired part is guaranteed to fit perfectly into your existing systems.

Your like-new filled system will provide reliable, remote measurements of process pressure. Plus, transmitter diaphragms will be reliably protected from hot, cold, corrosive and viscous processes.


Our expert team has over 50 years of combined experience in industrial repair. We can remanufacture diaphragms and existing units to like-new condition. Most repairs take less than two weeks.

We’re also able to build custom seals and capillaries. These custom solutions can be installed on existing, new or remanufactured systems. Our team is experienced with most materials including Hastelloy C, Monel, stainless steel, titanium and most fill-fluid types. Custom solutions are a great option for older models of equipment where replacement parts can be hard to source.

We’re proud that our failure rate for remanufactured systems is less than 1%. Every like new component is sprayed with our unique powder coating process. This results in an attractive, durable finish which will last for years.


Haygor Instrument & Company, Inc. has been serving the petrochemical industry since 1981. Located in Houston, Texas – the heart of the petro industry – we understand how important each component is to the overall manufacturing process. For plants located near the Houston area, we can make on-site repair calls. For those located elsewhere, we offer quick turnaround times and secure shipping methods.

If you ever have a problem with any aspect of your filled system, contact us today. We offer quick, economical repair when you need it most.