Ultraviolet Light Inspection

Haygor provides a lot of services. We do repairs, calibration and certification of a wide variety of instrument types, sell remanufactured instruments and clean all types of fittings, manifolds, transmitters, gauges, flowmeters, flow tubes, thermocouple cleaning and cleaning for critical service (primarily oxygen and chlorine).

Regardless of the service we provide, we want to make sure every product that we return to our customer is in better shape than when it was given to us. That’s why we put materials through an ultraviolet light inspection.

What is an Ultraviolet Light Inspection

Ultraviolet Light can be used to inspect just about any material and is easy to use. We can use it to check for surface deficiencies. When we do a critical cleaning service, we put each part through an inspection after they’ve been cleaned before returning to our customer. The second inspection is with ultraviolet light in a dark and dust-free area to check materials for blotches, blots, smears or film. Using ultraviolet light to inspect materials also helps us see if any products are cracked or have a leak.

We put this extra layer of inspection in our process because we want our customers to be satisfied and happy with what they get from us. When you consider all the things we repair including filled capillary systems, valve positioners and actuators, chart recorders, electronic pneumatic controllers and industrial power supplies, doesn’t it makes sense for you and for us that they’re inspected thoroughly before they leave our shop?

Ultraviolet Light Inspection Company

Haygor has been serving the Petrochemical industry for more than 30 years now and we take our customers’ faith in us seriously. We’re confident that anything that leaves here will be in good, working condition because we have a smart, dedicated team of technicians and managers that have comprise more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide variety of industrial instruments and associated hardware ranging from legacy products to the latest and greatest technology. All of our equipment is state of the art and we use an exclusive powder coating process that will give the equipment we remanufacture not only a durable, but attractive finish.

The point is we know this industry forwards and backwards and we’re prepared to offer you peace of mind that everything that’s cleaned, repaired or restored at Haygor will be in better shape when you get than when you gave it to us. We are here to give you the same, outstanding critical cleaning service we’ve been giving our customers for over three decades.