Cleaning for Oxygen Service

Keeping your oxygen service equipment valves, instruments and other parts cleaned is vital to work you do. Haygor understand this, which is why when we’re tasked with a cleaning for oxygen service job, we just don’t clean your machinery and send it back to you. We put everything through a through inspection to ensure everything you trusted us to clean is in better shape than when you brought it in.

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Cleaning for Oxygen Service Process

To give your equipment’s parts the best cleaning possible, we’ll take apart all assemblies. We do this to separate any parts that aren’t compatible with our cleaning agents. Those parts will be isolated and then we’ll get to work on the rest. A pre-cleaning will be done by grinding, wire brushing, blasting or swabbing. Afterwards, the main cleaning will be done with EnSolv® and all parts will be dried before inspection.

Haygor inspects each and every part we clean to make sure we didn’t leave any spots behind. First, we’ll visually inspect cleaned parts with a strong white light to check for moisture, oil, grease and lint. A second inspection with will be done with a blacklight to check for blotches, blots or smears. If a part doesn’t pass either of these inspections, we’ll re-clean it until it does.

Parts that pass inspection will be labeled, “Cleaned for Oxygen Service”, bagged and sealed Anything that was taken apart will be reassembled, tested and calibrated to ensure it’s working again. Assemblies that have taken place after testing are flushed with EnSolv prior to being dried with oil-free air or nitrogen. Flushing fluid is also inspected by comparison with clean fluid; if it’s not cleaned properly, the reassembled pieces will be cleaned again.

Cleaning for Oxygen Service Company

Improperly cleaned oxygen service machine parts could catch on fire or lead to an explosion. Don’t take that chance; entrust your equipment with Haygor, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the Petrochemical industry. Our technicians and managers bring more than half a century of expertise in dealing with industrial instruments to the table, and all of our equipment is state of the art.