Foxboro supplies process instrumentation across the globe. Its products are used in the most demanding industrial environments such as oil refineries, power plants, mining companies, wastewater facilities, and paper mills. With such a rugged design and construction, these various devices can be expected to perform to their specifications in nearly any environment. You’ll find many different types of Foxboro instruments in our catalog, including:


  1. 40M and 40P Recorders/Controllers: The 40M can continuously record one or multiple process variables. Supporting one or two measurements, the 40P records on a circular chart or indicates on a sector or concentric scale.
  2. 43AP, 43A Controllers: Process instruments able to indicate/control pressure, vacuum, temperature, and differential pressure.
  3. 130M: The controller mounts in control rooms and includes manual set point adjustment.
  4. 740C: A microprocessor-based recording controller that provides continuous trending. The unit receives inputs from thermocouples or RTD, V, mV, or MA sources. Features a circular chart and 40-character digital display.

Additional controllers include models 760, 761, 762, 763. Foxboro also offers the E20S series Electronic Consotrol Recorders that continuously record up to three DC signals, on four-inch strip charts. The Spec 200 Control integrators replace analog control cards and provide interfaces within the control network.


Foxboro’s 873 analyzers include pH, contacting conductivity, electrodeless conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, and dual pH/ORP/ISE analyzers. Instruments also include the 875 pH analyzer plus models 870 and 871.


Models SRD960 and SRD991 are universal positioners that operate with pneumatic valve actuators; explosion-proof versions are available. Check our catalog for models SRD992 and SRI990 to find the appropriate positioners for your application.


Model IMT25 works using a pulsed DC technique to excite specific flowmeter models. It also converts low level signal voltage to digital or 4-20 mA or pulsed output. Designed for use with the 2800 Series Magnetic Flowtube, the IMT96 offers a strong measurement signal and low noise. The IMT20, and E96 for measuring the flow rate of conductive liquids, are also available.


We are also offering Foxboro IAP10/20 absolute pressure transmitters; IDP10, IDP25, and IDP50 differential transmitters; and IGP10, 20, 25, and 50 gauges. The 11DM/GM/AM pneumatic transmitters are included as are the 13A and 13H differentials and the 843DP, 863DP, 867, and 823 models. In addition, we are also offering the Foxboro IMV Series device type manager software tools supporting a range of various analytical instruments.