Data Loggers

Any device that can be used to store data can be considered a data logger. This includes plug-in boards, serial communication systems that use a computer as an up to the second data recording system, and many other data acquisition devices. Plus, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a mobile data logger through the use of wireless transmitters. Though Haygor supplies all of these alternatives, for the most part, the term “data logger” refers to standalone devices that can read different kinds of electrical signals and store them for later download to a PC.

Unlike many other varieties of data acquisition devices, data loggers can run independently of a computer. We offer data loggers in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In addition, our selection includes more powerful programmable devices capable of handling hundreds of inputs to simple economical single channel fixed function loggers.

Types of Data Loggers

The industrial applications for which you plan on using a data logger will determine which product is right for you. Our friendly customer support representatives can help you with this decision. Some of the more popular solutions include

Handheld Multi-Channel Data Loggers

When you plan on carrying your data logger from one location to another, handheld multi-channel loggers are a favorite option. Laboratory environments also benefit from these.

Miniature Single Input Data Loggers

If you need a low cost logger dedicated to a specific input type, miniature single input data loggers are the way to go. The transportation industry typically opts for these data loggers.

Bluetooth Data Loggers

You can monitor, log, and record measurements with your tablet or smartphone when you connect using Bluetooth wireless transmitters.

Modular Data Loggers

Through the use of plug-in modules, modular data loggers are expandable and configurable. You can add as many channels as you need for a specific application.

Fixed Mount Multi-Channel Data Loggers

There are a fixed number of input channels that are usually dedicated for a specific input type with these data loggers.

Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless data loggers can record and measure variables like humidity, temperature, and ambient pressure. This makes it perfect for monitoring warehouse and storage environments.

Haygor has more than half a century of experience supplying data loggers for an array of major industrial level organizations from our location in Houston, Texas in the heart of the petrochemical industry. If you need data loggers or any other kind of industrial aid, please contact us today.