HART Communicators

Engineered to perform in demanding industrial environments, the AMS Trex Device Communicator consolidates tasks in the field, permitting technicians to identify and fix issues while instruments are running. This durable communicator delivers a modern user experience with multiple communication selections and packaging designed with safety in mind.

Troubleshooting is simplified with the AMS Trex Device, thanks to its segment and loop diagnostic tools that confirm loop and fieldbus segment characteristics at a rapid pace.


Ideal for one-handed use in the field, as well as in tight spaces, the Trex communicator offers built-in USB, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. (Connection choice for data transmission to and from the device is dependent upon the application.) It features a robust hand strap, is easily held and is packaged in a consistently-balanced form factor. Automatically synchronizing field data with your asset database prevents the occurrence of erroneous data. Additionally, to reduce manual transcription tasks and preserve the accuracy of your asset database, the AMS Trex and AMS Device Manager allow field changes to be logged and time-stamped in real-time.


Recover the time you would normally spend searching for a power supply or verifying suitable loop resistance before testing – the AMS Trex Device Communicator is built to power devices. This is achieved as easily as connecting the communicator to a loose device. Instruments being powered up are sequestered from the rest of the system. This assists in identifying installation problems involving wiring, power supply, I/O cards or configuration. Prior to power and I/O infrastructure placement, the communicator’s power the loop capability provides for in-field instrument configuration on new projects. This excludes device configuration from the critical path.


The external casing on the Trex unit adheres to Intrinsic Safety specifications. It is intended to cut down on static electrical energy buildup, handle the drops and bangs of regular plant use and act as a shield against the moisture and harsh temperatures experienced in various environments. The AMS Trex Device Communicator’s carrying case features an easy-access window and accessory pockets.


Executing valve diagnostics in-field is possible, without needing to walk through tedious troubleshooting steps or pull the valve, when you use ValveLink Mobile. Such diagnostics include: Dynamic error band PD one button sweep Step response Valve signature Details are viewed and comprehended with ease, thanks to the big touchscreen on the communicator and ValveLink Mobile’s simple user interface.


Upgrade Studio serves to keep your device current with the latest software and apps by implementing essential diagnostic tools within your arsenal and pushing them out to however many Trex communicators necessary. Included with your communicator purchase, this PC-based application also offers multiple-instrument connectivity, meaning it can concurrently complete upgrades and installs on all of your AMS Trex Device Communicators. Upgrade Studio will make the Upgrade AMS Trex Device Communicator your go-to instrument for use anywhere, at any time. Its essential role is further emphasized as more and more apps are created and offered.