Process Instrumentation

The nervous system and brain of any modern plant is its control and measurement. Control and measurement systems regulate and monitor processes that otherwise would be tough to run safely and efficiently while meeting your needs for affordability and high quality.

For a facility to remain profitable, modern industrial processes must have process instrumentation and control. It minimizes human error, improves product quality, reduces operating costs, reduces plant emissions, and has many other benefits. At Haygor, we understand how important process instrumentation is for the success of your plant. That is why we offer a broad range of products to help you out.


Anywhere measurements are needed for media that is stored or flows in a tank or container, you will find process instrumentation in use. This covers a broad selection of applications. Some of the process instrumentation we get requests for are:

For over three decades, Haygor has provided all kinds of equipment related to the petrochemical industry as well as other large industries. We know the importance of having reliable process instrumentation, so that is all we provide. We can even help you pick the right instrumentation for your purposes. To learn more, contact us today.