The pressure and temperature transmitters and transducers supplied by Haygor are designed for accurate, reliable, and stable pressure and temperature monitoring in high purity applications. A combination of top quality materials and optimal design improve both signal reliability and stability in several measurement applications.

Many industries use transmitters and transducers in high purity fluid delivery and purity systems. We offer transmitters and transducers that are resistant to issues associated with thermal shift, case stress, and zero and span drift. This is important because we know that having to rectify errors can lead to added maintenance which increases cost of ownership and downtime.

What Are Transmitters?

Transmitters are a subgroup of transducers that feature additional calibration and reset options. For instance, with some of the options we offer, it is possible to reset the measuring span over large ranges. “Span reset,” “turn down,” and “scale down” are some of the terms used to describe this calibration option. For example, a pressure transmitter with a measuring range of 0 to 300 psi and a range reset of 1/5 can be calibrated to a measuring range of 0 – 60 psi while still producing a full output signal.

We offer all kinds of transmitters, including mass flow, conductivity, temperature, electronic-to-pneumatic converters, magnetic flow, pH/ORP, and pressure. Our selection comes from the top manufactures, such as ABB, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Taylor, Moore, Honeywell, Rosemount, and more.

Pneumatic Transmitters

The dependable way to monitor your output signals, control valves, and other processes is with pneumatic transmitters. Over a given range, these transmitters measure air and liquid temperatures with a typical range of about 200 degrees. Since pneumatic transmitters have a streamlined design with no electrical components, they have less parts that could potential fail and are ideal for high temperature applications. However, they have less high tech functionality.

Electronic Transmitters

Within a large industrial plant, electronic transmitters give users control over output signals, valves, and other processes. Electronic transmitters are especially popular in petrochemical facilities, treatment plants, and other major industrial situations. The functions performed by electronic transmitters are similar to those performed by pneumatic transmitters, except electronic transmitters are faster.

What Types of Transducers Are There?

Transducers are just about as varied as the industries they are used for. This can make choosing the right ones for your plant difficult. Fortunately, we have knowledgeable customer service experts on hand to assist you in your decision making process. Here are some of our top selling alternatives:

Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducers

The diaphragm is flush to the process with flush diaphragm pressure transducers. This is important because it eliminates the collection of fluid matter in the cavity above the diaphragm. This makes this transducer important when monitoring the pressure of high viscosity liquids or foods.

Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

A much more rugged enclosure than other transducers is featured in industrial pressure transducers. Heavy industrial environments benefit from these instruments.

PC Board Mountable Pressure Transducers

These transducers are usually compact, low cost pressure transducers designed to be integrated into other products or mounted on an electrical PC board.

Special Purpose Transducers

There are special features found on many of the transducers we supply. This includes barometric pressure transducers, transducers designed to be used in very low and high temperatures, and ones with wireless or digital communication outputs.

High Stability Pressure Transducers

You generally find an accuracy of .25 percent of full scale or higher with most pressure transducers. Depending on the model, you can cut this to .05 percent with high accuracy pressure transducers.

General Purpose Transducers

Since they are designed to fit the most applications, general purpose transducers are the most popular alternative.

Brands We Work With

At Haygor, we sell, service, and repair a variety of transmitter and transducer makes* and models. Here is a sample of that variety:


ABB Absolute Pressure Transmitters

ABB Differential Pressure Transmitters

ABB Gauge Pressure Transmitters

ABB Electro-Chemical Transmitters

  • AX400 Four Wire Conductivity Transmitter
  • TB82EC Two Wire Conductivity Transmitter







  • IMT25
  • IMT96
  • IMT20
  • E96


Foxboro Pressure Transmitters

Foxboro Controllers







  • 50DP
  • 50PW
  • 175 Draft Range



Rosemount Temperature Transmitters

Rosemount Flow Transmitters

Rosemount Level Transmitters

Rosemount Switches, Electrochemical, Radar, and Multivariable Transmitters



  • 77, 771 I/P Transducers


  • SITRANS P, T, F, L Transmitters



  • 571T
  • 572T
  • 574T
  • 575T
  • 576T
  • 578T


Taylor Pneumatic Transmitters



Yokogawa Level Transmitter

  • EJX Series Level Transmitters
  • EJA Series Level Transmitters
  • P10 Series Pneumatic Level Transmitters

Yokogawa Temperature Transmitters


The petrochemical industry and other large industries have relied on Haygor for all types of industrial parts for more than three decades. Since we know that it is crucial to have reliable equipment, we only provide high quality transducers and transmitters. To learn more about what we have to offer your plant, contact us today!

*All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.