Foxboro I/A Series MagEXPERT Flow Transmitter Model IMT96

The Model IMT96 MagEXPERT Flow Transmitter, combined with the 2800 Series® Flanged Magnetic Flowtubes, forms a magnetic flow measurement system, capable of being used on any conductive liquid or slurry. Its use of a patented eX-Pulse coil excitation method generates a robust measurement signal that translates to a digital, analog and pulse output proportional to flow rate.

Neither an ac transmitter, nor a pulsed dc transmitter, the IMT96 shares aspects of both. It provides the flowtube coils with power, which is pulsed on and off to attain zero stability (high accuracy), much like a pulsed dc transmitter. The traits the IMT96 shares with conventional ac transmitters are a raised flow signal strength (due to an increased coil current that is higher than conventional pulsed dc systems), a flow signal that is integrated over the complete pulse cycle and a rapid response rate.

The IMT96 is ideal for applications where substantial process/fluid noise exists and/or process control is critical. It features the HART® communication protocol; with communication achieved via a DCS system, a HART® Communicator or the local keypad/display.

The 4 to 20 mA output signal produced by this transmitter is intercepted by an applicable receiver to indicate, record and/or control variables. A pulse output is also offered, with a signal that can be configured as a scaled pulse for totalization or frequency for flow rate output.

Additional features/capabilities of the Model IMT96 include the following:

  • Pipe-mounting (IMT96-P) or surface/panel mounting (IMT96-S)

  • Weatherproof front panel (per IEC IP66 definition), with NEMA® Type 4X environmental and corrosion-resistant protection

  • 32-alphanumeric character, 2-line back-lighted LCD display/5-button keypad available

  • Display that can show positive total, negative total, net total, net inventory and flow rate in standard flow units

  • Optional protective clear plastic window guard available to help prevent unintentional display and keypad button activation during washdown process

  • Optional I/O access port available, allowing for terminal access without opening the transmitter housing cover

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