Valve Positioners/Actuators

There is clearly a need to move around a lot of gasses and fluids in the petrochemical industry. Much of the time these materials are dangerous and volatile. The mechanisms that open and close the valves these materials travel through are valve positioners/actuators. Power operated and manual are the two basic varieties of valve actuators. At Haygor, we know how important valve actuators and positioners are for your automatic processes. This is why we offer top quality solutions to avoid downtime and injuries.

What Are Valve Positioners?

Valve positioners use a power source to operate a valve. Power sources can be electronic units with measuring and control devices or manual gearboxes. They are available with pneumatic, electric operating, and hydraulic mechanics. Valve positioners can often be found in process plants, remote areas, and in pipelines.

Based on a signal from a central control system, valve positioners can be utilized to control the rate of fluid flow by opening or closing a valve. When the command is given, the valve positioner reads the opening, checks the position, and readjusts to the precise position needed. This produces exact valve adjustments.

What Are Valve Actuators?

Process control systems utilize either electric or pneumatic valve actuators to automatically open or close valves. They are generally used with either rotary or linear valves in food and beverage, industrial, transportation, and medical applications. There is no feedback in standard valves to verify that it has opened to the position to which it has been commanded. However, there are several special features that rectify this situation.

Although we specialize in the petrochemical industry, we offer valve actuators and positioners for an array of other industries as well. Some of our biggest customers are in the areas of nuclear processes, refineries, water treatment, pipelines, mining, and power plants.

Valves vary in form, dimension, and design. The valve diameters can be as small as a few inches and as large as several feet. At Haygor, we have it all. And, if you are unsure about what you need, our knowledgeable support team can help you.

Brands We Work With

At Haygor, we sell, service, and repair a variety of valve positioners/actuators makes* and models. Here is a sample of that variety:


Fisher Actuators


  • Foxboro SRD960, SRD991, SRD992, SRI990


Since 1981, Haygor has supplied industrial instrumentation and parts from its headquarters deep in the heart of the petrochemical industry in Houston, Texas. Because we know how crucial it is for you to have equipment you can count on, we only provide high quality valve positioners and actuators. To learn more about what we have to offer your industrial plant, call our friendly professionals today!

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