Fisher 3710 Pneumatic Positioner

Equipped with field-proven spool valve technology, the Fisher® 3710 Pneumatic Positioner determines a valve ball or disk position upon receiving a pneumatic input signal. This instrument is built to perform in demanding environments and withstand the intense vibrations indicative of plant operations. Its case, component and gasket materials feature stainless steel and low copper aluminum alloy for reduced risk of corrosion. Internal parts are purged via bleed air.

The Fisher® 3710 is ideal for use with either diaphragm or piston rotary actuators and offers hassle-free configuration as single- or double-acting for rotary actuators. Its streamlined design affords an extended cycle life and ensures precise, quick-acting operation. Supply pressure and surrounding temperature changes have little to no impact on performance, as this positioner’s EPDM O-rings and input module diaphragm allow for functionality in both low- or high-temperature applications.

Additionally, positioners featuring EPDM O-rings and an input module diaphragm meet specific application requirements for use in such industries as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and tobacco processing.

Zero and span modifications for the Fisher® 3710 can be made by hand and all internal elements are reached by removing the cover. Connectors, piping and other hardware can be connected between the positioner and actuator for diagnostic testing purposes. A low-profile valve position indicator (customary) or beacon-style valve position indicator (optional) can be mounted to the positioner cover.

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