Rosemount 8800D Series Vortex Flow Meter

Offered in wafer, flanged, reducer flange, dual sensor and high pressure varieties, the Rosemount™ 8800D Series Vortex Flow Meter can be used in liquid, steam and gas applications. Overall dependability is enhanced, thanks to the exclusion of impulse lines, ports and gaskets on its fully-welded, non-clog design. This meter’s isolated sensor supports replacement without breaching the process seal. A single type of replacement sensor is applicable to all sizes within the 8800D line.

Vibration immunity for the 8800D is attained through mass balancing of the sensor system and Patented Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP). Instrument diagnostics provide for streamlined troubleshooting and field verification of the sensor and electronics without interrupting the process.

Included within the Rosemount™ 8800D series of vortex flow meters, the Reducer™ Vortex achieves twice the low-end measurable flow range and offers Foundation fieldbus operability. This flanged meter reduces installation expenses by up to 50% by cutting field assembly and welding of individual reducers and piping. It comes in sizes from 1 to 12", with a stainless steel and nickel alloy construction.

The 8800D series’ dual sensor meter, the Rosemount™ Dual Vortex, is optimally used where redundant flow signals are necessary. It is made up of two whole vortex meters, sensor, electronics and shedder bar included, welded together. After the flow has been adjusted as appropriate, the result is one precise flow meter with two separate flow measurements.

The 8800D line of flow meters offer MultiVariable output and temperature compensated mass flow for saturated steam as additional options.

The vortex and temperature sensor are separated from the process in the MultiVariable vortex design to allow for simplified verification and replacement. This is done by employing the shedder bar as a thermowell to include the temperature sensor within the meter. The density computation from the measured process temperature is used to determine the temperature compensated mass flow. Because the electronics will be counterbalancing variations in the process temperature, the Rosemount™ 8800D performs at a higher level when used in saturated steam applications.

8800D series meters with the MultiVariable vortex design are capable of plotting separate variables to a pulse output, analog output or HART® burst variables. They can also be joined with a Rosemount™ flow computer for added capabilities, such as the following:

  • Peak demand calculation

  • Data logging proficiencies

  • Heat computations

  • Remote communications

  • Remote totalization

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