Rosemount 8732E Flow Transmitter

The high-performance Rosemount™ 8732E Flow Transmitter features innovative diagnostics for unparalleled process management competencies. It is capable of configuration by optical switches so that adjustments can be simplified in hazardous conditions without taking off the cover. An optional backlit 2 line by 16 character local operator interface and a variety of diagnostic suites are available.

With the 8732E, users are given the tools necessary for precise signal processing for fluids that are traveling between 0.04 and 39 ft/s (0.01 to 12 m/s), for both forward and reverse flow, in all flowtube sensor sizes.

The Rosemount™ 8732E is compatible with:

  • Rosemount™ 8705, 8711, 8721 and 570TM flowtube sensors

  • Rosemount™ 8707 flowtube sensor with D2 dual calibration option

  • Other manufacturers’ AC and DC powered flowtube sensors

Diagnostics include:


  • Self test

  • Analog output test

  • Pulse output test

  • Reverse flow

  • Electronics temperature

  • Transmitter faults

  • Coil circuit fault

  • Tunable empty pipe

DA1 Suite:

  • High process noise

  • Ground/wiring fault

DA2 Suite:

  • 4-20mA loop verification

  • 8714i calibration verification

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