Rosemount 3107 / 3108 Ultrasonic Level and Flow Transmitters

Based on ultrasonic technology, the Rosemount™ 3107 / 3108 Ultrasonic Level and Flow Transmitters are easy to configure and operate and require little maintenance following installation. These devices intercept ultrasonic pulse signals that are reflected from the liquid surface (echoes) and measure the time-delay from when they were sent to when they were received. Using the calculated time-delay, the distance to the liquid surface is determined automatically. The level measurement (bottom reference minus distance) is conveyed via the 4–20 mA and HART® output.

The 3107 and 3108 both feature corrosion-proof PVDF wetted material and durable UPVC housing that is sealed. They have a functioning range of up to 39 ft (12 m) and demonstrate precision of ±0.1 in (2.5 mm) for measurements less than 3.3 ft and ±0.25% of span for measurements over 3.3 ft. Offering budget-friendly installation and servicing, these transmitters are used in applications such as the following:

  • Effluent pits

  • Reservoir level

  • Buffer tanks

  • Filter bed level

  • Open channel flow

  • Storage tank levels

The 3107 includes a built-in sensor that automatically compensates the distance for temperature effects.

The 3108 constantly measures the air temperature surrounding the transmitter with its factory-fitted remote temperature sensor. The speed of sound in air is then determined, automatically compensating distance for temperature effects.

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