Rosemount 5601 Radar Level Transmitter

Featuring elevated sensitivity for identifying and analyzing all echoes within the tank or vessel, 4-wire Rosemount™ 5601 Series Radar Level Transmitters measure the level of slurries, liquids and solids. They perform within an extensive scope of pressures, temperatures, vapor gas mixtures and differing process conditions. These devices employ cutting-edge microwave technology for advanced dependability and accuracy (±0.2 in), in addition to a masterful non-contacting microprocessor that enables enhanced signal processing, and intelligent echo-tracking features.

5601 Series transmitters provide for effective configuration in process level applications, in environments from simple to challenging. They have a molded cast aluminum case with dual compartments and are comprised of a transmitter head and a tank connection (including antenna). Antennas come in four models, described as follows:

  • Rod antennas: Optimal for tanks with small openings. A tank flange can serve as the tank connection.

  • Cone antennas: Support free-propagation and pipe-mounted placement. Optional versions with a cleaning/flushing connection are offered, as are cone extensions.

  • Parabolic antenna: Used for solid materials. Functions despite substantial contamination and can include a PTFE cover for protection when used in dusty situations.

  • Process seal antenna: Solely displays material fitting for sanitary or corrosive applications. Process seal dish is comprised of PTFE.

Cone (with exception to the version with the flushing connection) and rod antennas are engineered with a protective plate. Wetted parts open to the tank atmosphere include the plate and antenna (stainless steel or chosen material), plus the tank seal and o-rings (PTFE or Quartz), providing for the use of a present flange, or a less expensive flange substitute. Loose flanges are offered.

On 5601 Series transmitters, replacing the head and its internal electronics is possible with the tank closed. These devices feature FMCW, 10 GHz free propagating radar measurement principal, as well as a power supply with a vast input range, from 24 to 240V AC or DC, 0-60 Hz. They include two distinct junction boxes. The first is for a non-intrinsically safe primary signal output and power supply cables, while the second is typically utilized for intrinsically safe (IS) HART® / analog outputs or, by choice, for a non-IS secondary analog output. Primary outputs may be HART® or FOUNDATION fieldbus, either IS or non-IS. Contingent on mandatory options, HART® and secondary analog outputs can be either active or passive.

5601 Series transmitters feature NEMA 4, IP66, IP67 ingress protection. Additionally, these devices offer the following ex-approvals: ATEX Flameproof, CSA Explosionproof, FM:Explosionproof and IECEx:Flameproof.

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