Honeywell ST 3000 Series 900 Remote Pressure Transmitters

Offering proven stability (+/-0.01% per year) and dependability (470 years MTBF), Honeywell ST 3000 Series 900 Remote Seal Pressure Transmitters are designed for use in applications that require the transmitter to be mounted remotely from the process. This remote seal transmitter line includes absolute, gauge and differential pressure transmitters.

These transmitters are optimal for such uses as flow measurement for slurries and high viscosity fluids in the chemical industry and level measurement in pressurized vessels in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries.

Two models are available for use:

  • STR93D 0 to 100 psid  0 to 7 bar

  • STR94G 0 to 500 psig  0 to 35 bar

ST 3000 Series 900 Transmitters maintain performance in applications with a broad spectrum of secondary fill fluids for high temperature or corrosive process fluids. To prevent the occurrence of costly shutdowns, uphold high quality standards and adhere to regulatory specifications, these economical transmitters feature complete self-diagnostics and three levels of failure reporting.

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