Yokogawa EJX110B Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter

Engineered to perform measurements of liquid, gas, or steam flow, in addition to liquid level, density, and pressure, the EJX118B Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seals features secure wireless network joining and a marginal wait time (0.5 second to 60 minutes) for the process value to publish. It employs a wireless signal to communicate both process variables and setting parameters.

Wireless diaphragm seals are engineered to keep process medium from getting into the pressure-sensing construction of differential pressure and pressure transmitters. They attach to the transmitter via capillaries containing fill fluid.

Operating on two powerful lithium-thionyl chloride batteries, the EJX118B offers the benefits of a reduced current consumption design, including extended battery life and reduced installation expenses, as hard-wiring is unnecessary.

This transmitter’s communication protocol complies with ISA100.11a protocol requirements.

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