Foxboro 11A Series Absolute Pressure Transmitters

With accurate measurement capabilities, upheld even in narrow suppressed-zero ranges, 11A Series Transmitters are easy to install and exceptionally reliable. These transmitters utilize a force-balance d/p Cell mechanism to measure absolute pressure and broadcast a customary pneumatic signal to local or remote receivers.

The 11A Series Transmitters offer broad rangeability, with spans that can be adjusted as much as 10 to 1 in a single device, thus reducing the need for back-up transmitters. These instruments feature a vernier range adjustment, which allows for on-line calibration. Operators are able to choose one of multiple predetermined ranges without the help of additional calibration apparatuses.

Easy and cost-effective to service, the 11A Series Transmitters feature a basic topworks design and field-replaceable capsules that are compatible with those used in Foxboro® E Series Electronic Absolute Pressure Transmitters. The topworks mechanism used in these instruments is the process industry standard for differential pressure measurement and is essentially the same mechanism used in other Foxboro® pneumatic force-balance transmitters (differential, liquid level, buoyancy, target flow).

Such design commonalities help reduce spare parts inventories and streamline maintenance routines.

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