Rosemount Analytical 56 Dual Input Analyzer

The line-powered Rosemount™ Analytical Model 56 Dual Input Analyzer features single or dual sensor input with a virtually limitless selection of dual measurement combinations. Offering HART digital communications as a standard feature, Model 56 can be configured and calibrated with ease due to its intuitive alpha-numeric keypad and quick start and menu screens available in a variety of local languages. Its indoor-outdoor high resolution display provides for full-color, instantaneous process readings, with 6 additional diagnostics or process variables remaining in-view to gauge process or sensor conditions in real-time.

Model 56 features a complete user guide and trouble-shooting manual stored in its memory. The keypad’s INFO key provides quick access to these troubleshooting tips and instructions to help solve the majority of issues on-site.

The first time the Rosemount™ Analytical 56 Dual Input Analyzer is turned on, user-friendly quick start screens appear, directing the user through a few easy steps to configure each sensor loop for instantaneous real-time readings. It is capable of automatically identifying any type of measurement board and features slide-in measurement boards that make sensor wiring and configuration changes possible in the field. Measurement or communication configurations are unlimited.

Model 56 initiates regular monitoring of itself and its sensor(s) for fault and warning conditions. A red flashing display banner indicates a fault condition, while a yellow banner alerts field personnel of a warning condition.

Additionally, high-resolution color graphs showing measurement data can be featured on-screen to identify process disruptions or measurement problems, as well as to forecast the frequency of probe maintenance. This analyzer also allows the user to focus on a particular narrow timeframe of process measurements for comprehensive on-screen evaluation.

Model 56 offers two levels of security access, one access code can be programmed for routine maintenance and hold of current outputs, and the other for all configuration menus and functions.

The Rosemount™ Analytical 56 Dual Input Analyzer comes in two versions, 24VDC or 115/230 auto-switching AC, and has two isolated inputs, four 4-20mA current outputs and four high load alarm relays. It is capable of measuring pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity, chlorine, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, temperature, turbidity, or flow. Model 56 supports Rosemount™ Analytical SMART pH sensors and will accept 4-20mA current input. All configurations align with UL approval requirements for ordinary locations.

Superior onboard data storage collects measurement data, such as temperature every 30 seconds for 30 days, from both channels for on-screen display or local upload to a standard USB 2.0 memory device. Instrument software upgrades are also made via USB.

Assessment of process data on a computer and identification of critical alarm or fault events can be achieved using cleanly pre-formatted Excel data. To copy all programming settings on newly commissioned analyzers, upload and download analyzer configuration.

All process data and events are time/date stamped including 300 noteworthy analyzer events such as start-up time, calibrations, hold outputs, configurations, alarms, power interruptions, faults and more.

This analyzer features four actively powered 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA electrically isolated current outputs to transmit the measurement value and temperature for both sensors. Users have the flexibility to assign any measurement value or live diagnostic to any current output for reporting.

All four current outputs of Model 56 are able to be programmed for PID functions. Proportional, integral and derivative settings allow for the modification of a control device with continuous adjustability. PID is commonly used on modulating control devices like automated control valves or variable speed pumps. Transport time can be used for PID control in a process liquid flowing in a pipe for a short period of time.

HART version 5 and 7 digital communications are available on Model 56, as well as an optional Profibus DP digital communications board for Profibus installations. HART and Profibus DP configured analyzers will support all of Model 56’s single or dual measurement configurations.

Four SPDT alarm relays can be programmed to trigger alarms when measurement, diagnostic set points or fault conditions are reached. All relays are activated independently. Fail safe operation and programming of relay default state (normally open or normally closed) is software selectable. Additional relay settings include TPC, synchronized interval timers and four specialized timer functions.

Four real-time clock relay functions are applied, including: bleed and feed, day and time interval timers, delay timer and a flow totalizer. These innovative timer features support a number of specialized uses that normally require dedicated timer control devices or DCS programming. Interval timers set relays by interval time, on-time and recovery time for discrete on/off control devices based on measurement inputs.

Complete calibration of the pH loop is possible through Rosemount™ Analytical's SMART preamplifier pH capability, which eliminates field calibration of pH probes via automatic upload of calibration data. SMART pH sensors with VP cable connections make pH probe changes truly "plug and play".

Expanding its international reach, Rosemount™ Analytical offers nine menu languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Polish. Every unit produced is equipped with user programming menus, calibration routines and faults and warnings - in all nine languages.

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