Taylor 323T, 324T Differential Pressure Transmitter

Available in medium and high-range forms, the Taylor 323T, 324T Differential Pressure Transmitter with Remote Seal Elements features a protective die-cast aluminum case surrounding the pneumatic transmitter section where a direct-acting, non-bleed output relay is also located. This transmitter is designed to measure process differential pressures and is capable of measuring differential spans from 20 to 800 inches of water at operating pressures extending from full vacuum to 1500 psig. Process contact to the seal element surface is restricted by the remote seal.

Model 323T, 324T is a force balance device that outputs a proportional 3 to 15 psig signal. Its span is continually adjustable, with a micrometer-type scale on the span adjustment that enables the duplication of previously-calibrated spans without any necessary recalibration. Offering the same adjustment sensitivity for all span settings, this transmitter supports an optional suppression/elevation spring for basing zero when needed for a particular application. The zero adjustment can be reached through the device’s cover.

Featuring instrument and case assembly consistent with all transmitters in the Taylor 320T Series, the 323T, 324T offers numerous seal element types to select from. These seal elements allow for process connection to 3-inch ANSI flanges, ½-inch welding necks or chemical tees. To position the process diaphragm level with the inside of a pipe or tank, a lengthened diaphragm element capable of being connected to a 3-inch flanged tank nozzle or flanged tee, is used.

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