Rosemount 2130 Liquid Level Switch

Constructed using the principle of a tuning fork, the Rosemount™ 2130 Level Switch demonstrates skillful performance, largely unhindered by turbulence, vibration, solids content, foam, coating products and liquid properties. Its fork shape allows for hand polishing to comply with hygienic requirements, with a ‘fast drip’ design that results in faster response time when mounted horizontally, particularly when used with viscous liquids.

The Rosemount™ 2130 Level Switch features electronic condition monitoring and self-checking, with a ‘heartbeat’ LED to help determine its operational status. Its quick wet-to-dry time allows for highly responsive switching, and its adjustable switching delay helps avoid false switching in rough or splashing applications.

To operate, a piezo-electric crystal oscillates the 2130’s forks at their natural frequency while changes are continually monitored. The vibrating fork sensor’s frequency varies based on the medium it is submerged in (the denser the liquid, the lower the frequency).

When the Rosemount™ 2130 Level Switch is used as a low level alarm, the liquid in the tank or pipe drains down past the fork, resulting in a difference in natural frequency that is sensed by the electronics and switches the output state.

When it is used as a high level alarm, the liquid rises in the tank or pipe, coming into contact with the fork, which then switches the output state.

The 2130’s applications include:

  • Overfill protection

  • Run dry or pump protection

  • High and low level alarms

  • High temperature applications

  • Pump control or limit detection

  • Hygienic applications

  • Wireless applications

The mid-range temperature 2130 is engineered for operation in process temperatures from –40 to 356 °F (–40 to 180 °C).

Alternatively, the extreme temperature 2130 is intended for operation in process temperatures from –94 to 500 °F (–70 to 260 °C). To distance the electronics from the process, it features a stainless steel thermal tube.

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