Foxboro 13HA Pneumatic d/p Cell Transmitter

Able to uphold performance in the most extreme applications, the Foxboro® brand Model 13HA Pneumatic d/p Cell® Transmitter measures differential pressure and broadcasts a conventional pneumatic signal to receivers up to hundreds of meters or yards away.

Servicing this transmitter is both straightforward and economical due to the streamlined topworks design and field-replaceable capsule. Because most of the topworks parts are consistent with those in other Foxboro® pneumatic force balance transmitters, spare parts inventories may be reduced. The 13HA also features expansive zero suppression and zero elevation proficiencies within series range limits, as well as wide span adjustability.

Effortless to install, the Model 13HA Pneumatic d/p Cell® Transmitter is highly versatile and can be used in liquid level, flow, density and low pressure measurement applications. Foxboro® d/p Cell® Transmitters are exceptionally reliable and have been the standard of the process industry for decades.

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