Honeywell ST 3000 Series 100 Remote Diaphragm Seal Pressure Transmitter

Operating over a customary two-wire system, the Honeywell ST 3000 Transmitter utilizes microprocessor-based electronics to achieve a higher span and turndown ratio, while enhancing precision and pressure and temperature compensation. Its “smart” capabilities, in combination with local or remote interfacing, allow for greater efficiency when engaging in start-up, commissioning and continuous maintenance functions. Inciting consistent analog output, configuring lower and upper range values and choosing preprogrammed engineering units for display are additional “smart” features.

The ST 3000’s meter body and electronics housing protect against vibration, corrosion, shock and moisture. A compartment for the single-board electronics is located within the electronics housing, held separately from the integral junction box. The single-board electronics can be replaced and used with any other ST 3000 Series 100 or Series 900 model transmitters.

Comprised of three sensors in one (a differential pressure sensor, a temperature sensor and a static pressure sensor), the piezoresistive sensor provides measurement functionality for the ST 3000 Transmitter. It delivers the most comprehensive compensated output signal currently available and automatically compensates input for real-world temperature and static pressure variances.

The ST 3000 can replace any 4 to 20 mA output transmitter in use today. Users have the option of linear or square root output conformity with the ST 3000 Transmitter, via an effortless configuration selection. Local measurement precision to the system level, free of additional A/D and D/A converter inconsistencies, is capable due to direct digital integration with Experion PKS and other control systems.

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