Rosemount 8700 Series Flanged Flowtube Sensors

Constructed from stainless and carbon steel, Rosemount™ 8700 Series Flanged Flowtube Sensors are welded, creating a hermetic seal that keeps out moisture and other contaminants.

The Rosemount™ 8705 features sealed housing that shields all internal components and wiring from harsh conditions to elevate flowtube sensor dependability. It is offered in a range of sizes from ½ to 36 inches.

Pulsed DC technology is used by Rosemount™ Magmeter Systems to provide continuous automatic zeroing to recoup for disparities in the process environment. Process liquid requires a conductivity of 5 microsiemens/cm (5 micromhos/cm) or greater.

Interchangeable with both the 8712D and 8732 flow transmitters, Rosemount™ 8700 series flowtubes are able to sustain system precision, regardless of line size or optional features.

The 16-digit calibration number on every Rosemount™ 8705 flanged flowtube nameplate can be keyed into a transmitter via the local operator interface or HART communicator (depending on the model).

The Rosemount™ 8700 Series Flanged Flowtube Sensors are IDWR-certified, as detailed in the Idaho Department of Water Resources state order requiring the installation of flow meters by water users that divert water in regulated areas from both ground and surface water sources. This flow meter underwent testing by the staff at Utah State's NIST traceable lab and passed all requirements set by the IDWR and Idaho Department of Agriculture.

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