Rosemount 5408 Radar Level Transmitter

Resistant to erratic power loss, the Rosemount™ 5408 Radar Level Transmitter employs a user-friendly software interface to lead operators through commissioning, proof-testing, installation and maintenance. It features a distinctive PTFE seal design and low 12V dc lift-off voltage. This device has a   -76 to 482°F (-60 to 250°C) working temperature.

The 5408 demonstrates ±0.12in (3mm) precision, achieved by utilizing its two-wire 26 GHz FMCW technology (complete with specialized energy-saving radar chip) to transmit a perpetual echo, thus optimizing radar strength for more consistent measurement. It has a 12 to 42.4 VDC power supply and is safety certified to IEC 61508 for SIL 2 applications.

Benefits realized with the 5408 include, but are not limited to, lower cost of risk, intuitive operability, enhanced efficiency and human and environmental protection.

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