Yokogawa EJX930A Multivariable Transmitter

The EJX930A Multivariable Transmitter leverages the distinctive capabilities of the DPharp sensor to afford users more detailed insight into operations. An innovative upgrade in multi-sensing technology, this device is available in two versions, mass flow and multi-sensing.

The mass flow version of the EJX930A features a Mass Flow Totalizer with ±1.0% mass flow rate precision and entirely compensated mass flow. It transmits pulse / contact output and has a maximum over pressure (MWP) of 4,500 psi. This variety of transmitter is TUV SIL 2/3 certified.

Also evidencing a 4,500 psi MWP, the multi-sensing version of the EJX930A provides ±0.1% static pressure precision, ±0.04% differential pressure precision and ±0.9°F external temperature precision. This kind of transmitter meets requirements for TUV SIL 2/3 certification as well.

Introduced in 2004, the EJX-A series is a distinguished line of pressure transmitters within the DPharp family. These instruments perform with skill and consistency, despite arduous demands.

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