Barton 200A & 200AS Indicators

Commonly employed for measuring flow rate, differential pressure and liquid level in various applications, BARTON 200A and 200AS differential pressure (DP) indicators feature NEMA-4/IP65 cases and pulsation dampening. They are offered for a wide range of safe differential pressure ranges and working pressures.

These devices are activated by a rupture-resistant bellows differential pressure unit (DPU) with integral temperature compensation. Models 200A & 200AS include a built-in BARTON DPU Sensor and demonstrate a vast spectrum of DP ranges that include zero-center, absolute and split ranges. The BARTON M199 differential pressure unit (DPU) features dual, fluid-filled bellows engineered to maintain calibration while enduring recurrent overranges equivalent to the safe working pressure of the housings.

The 200A & 200AS feature an easy-to-read indicating pointer that moves along a 270 degree arc, powered by a precision jeweled rotary movement that multiplies rotation of the torque tube through a gear and pinion to the pointer. A thermally stable Ni-Span-C hair spring is also utilized in this process.

Expedient range modifications can be made using a micrometer screw that is part of the movement. While zero/range modifications can be executed without taking off the pointer or scale plate, the scale plate must be removed to make linearity alterations.

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