Rosemount 751 Field Signal Indicator

The Rosemount™ 751 Field Signal Indicator was developed for use in all weather conditions, specifically in industrial settings, to portray key process variables. Optimal for installation applications where viewing an integral meter would be challenging, it works in tandem with any two-wire transmitter that measures input variables like flow, liquid level, temperature or pressure. This device demonstrates precision of 0.25% of calibrated range ±1 digit and consistency of 0.1% calibrated range ±1 digit per six months.

The 751 offers a wide range of mounting options and has a working temperature of -40 to 185°F/-40 to 70°C. It is vibration, corrosion and explosion-proof, and thus, considered inherently safe. Additionally, this device has a failure mode and features under/over range notifications.

Based on the needs of particular applications, LCD and analog meters are available.

The analog meter offers multiple scaling choices, with precision of ±2 percent of calibrated span. Linear 0 to 100 percent is suitable for most measurement applications. This meter is capable of rotating in 90-degree increments inside the housing and has a 2" scale on its big, 2 1/4" diameter face for greater visibility. Taking off the housing cover provides access to the zero adjustment on the faceplate. A logarithmic 0 to 100 percent flow scale is obtainable with a flow transmitter. Specific meter scaling to feature results in psi, gph, °F, °C, or other engineering units is possible.

The LCD meter can be set up from a 4 mA point of –999 to a 20 mA point of 9999 with a linear or square-root response. To adjust the 4 mA and 20 mA points, simply take off the housing and meter covers and press the faceplate buttons. Like the analog meter, the LCD meter can also rotate in 90-degree increments inside the housing for increased visibility.

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